Phys .org: Study points to ‘unintended consequences’ of heavy data surveillance in rugby

Phys .org: Study points to ‘unintended consequences’ of heavy data surveillance in rugby. “A ‘Big Brother’ data culture in rugby driven by performance management threatens to create heightened distrust, anxiety and insecurity among players, according to a new study. The qualitative research, based on interviews with 10 players, coaches and analysts at an English Premiership club, suggests that data culture in the professional game can have unintended negative consequences on team morale.”

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The Top 25 Best Motivational Blogs for 2019

The Top 25 Best Motivational Blogs to Follow in 2017

Which are the best motivational blogs to be following?

As you know, Wealthy Gorilla is heavily aimed towards motivating and inspiring people;

Throughout the past 3 years, I’ve been able to chat with many other great people who run their own blogs in similar categories such as Success, Self-Development, Entrepreneurship and so on.

Since I share a passion for all these individual areas, I follow various other blogs sharing this great content, and love to read them when I get a minute.

We’ve update the list of incredible motivational blogs to follow, for the year 2019! We first created this list back in 2015, and it’s now been updated.

There’s a couple of new entries on the list this year, and we dropped off some of the blogs that are no longer being updated. Check out an awesome collection of the ‘Top 25 Motivational Blogs For 2019’.

In cased you missed them, here are our other ‘Top Blog’ awards:


Top 25 Best Motivational Blogs for 2019

The below are the top 25 motivational blogs for 2019, in our opinion of course! We haven’t listed them in any particular order so it’s fairly randomized.

If you’ve been featured in the list please do feel free to share it on your blog or with your social media following.


1. Addicted 2 Success

Best Motivational Blogs - Addicted 2 Success

Founded by Joel Brown – Addicted 2 Success is a blog that primarily focuses on success advice, but the majority of the content is motivational, and now having reached 110 million views worldwide, it’s become one of the most popular motivational blogs in the past 6 years.

thermodynamic cycle

Thermodynamic Cycle –

A thermodynamic cyclic or a cyclics process consists of a series of thermodynamics process, which take place in a certain order, and the initial conditions are restored at the end of the process.

Assumption in thermodynamic cycle –

1. the gas in the engine cylinder is a perfect gas, I. e, it obeys the gas laws and constant specific heats.

2. all the compression and expansion processes are adiabatic and they take place without any internal friction.

3. the physical constants of the gas in the engine cylinder are same address those of air at moderate temperature.

4. heat is supplied by bringing a hot body in contact with the cylinder at appropriate points during the process. similarly heat is rejected by bringing a cold body in contact with the cylinder at these points.

5. the cycle is considered to be a closed one and the same air is used again and again to repeat the cycle .

6. no chemical reaction , take place in the engine cylinder.

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