thermodynamic cycle

Thermodynamic Cycle –

A thermodynamic cyclic or a cyclics process consists of a series of thermodynamics process, which take place in a certain order, and the initial conditions are restored at the end of the process.

Assumption in thermodynamic cycle –

1. the gas in the engine cylinder is a perfect gas, I. e, it obeys the gas laws and constant specific heats.

2. all the compression and expansion processes are adiabatic and they take place without any internal friction.

3. the physical constants of the gas in the engine cylinder are same address those of air at moderate temperature.

4. heat is supplied by bringing a hot body in contact with the cylinder at appropriate points during the process. similarly heat is rejected by bringing a cold body in contact with the cylinder at these points.

5. the cycle is considered to be a closed one and the same air is used again and again to repeat the cycle .

6. no chemical reaction , take place in the engine cylinder.